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Written by  David Foster

This past Valentine’s day brought a great surprise to David Foster fans. He released an enchanting new instrumental aptly titled “Love.” It was the first song revealed from The Hitman’s forthcoming Eleven Words cd that will be out this year on April 17th.

As the title implies, Eleven Words will included eleven instrumental themes. Foster wrote all tracks and performed on the acoustic piano with just minimal orchestral accompaniment. “Love” was the perfect appetizer for the whole project. It was a soothing composition that’s a balm for the listener’s ears confused by today’s flat music world. Foster’s beautiful touch on the piano is unique and unmistakable. “Love” is a romantic gem that continues the successful tradition of the legendary music-maker’s string of beautiful instrumental themes including “Love Theme from St. Elmo’s Fire” or “Water Fountain.” Sure, this gorgeous melody could easily become another of Foster’s million-selling hit ballads, but try to treasure and be thankful for the opportunity to savor, once again, the evocative power of Foster’s acoustic piano and his unmatched melodic talent.

Look forward to the upcoming spring for the release of Eleven Words. Appreciate Foster and know there is more great stuff coming from his brilliant musical mind.


  • Acoustic Piano: David Foster
  • Arranged & Produced by David Foster
  • Co-Produced by Jochem van der Saag


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