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from I AM YOUR MAN (single)
Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

In the fall of 2009, UK superstar Seal released “I Am Your Man,” the new single from his “best of” collection aptly titled Hits. After the multi-platinum success of Soul in 2008, Seal again collaborated with David Foster on this new track that was one more cover of a soul tune from the sixties.

This time around they picked “I Am Your Man,” a 1968 minor hit by Canadian group Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers. The song was co-written by the hit-making duo of the late Nickolas Ashford (1941-2011) and Valerie Simpson who, together, dominated the charts way back when with monster hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “You’re All I Need To Get By.” The original version by Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers of “I Am Your Man” went to #85 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #40 on the R&B charts. The song was also covered by the late Edwin Starr (1942-2003) and The Four Tops. Seal and Foster resurrected “I Am Your Man,” giving the tune a needed sonic update by balancing it with an exquisite retro-feel on the instrumental arrangement. Foster’s piano and superb strings and horns back up the fantastic vocal performance of the London-born superstar. Foster’s engineer, Jochem van der Saag, wrapped it all up with his exceptional work on drum programming, sound design and mixing the track.
Hits also had the classic Sly & The Family Stone hit “Thank You,” another big cover produced by Foster. Hits entered the charts all over Europe and Down Under with convincing sales and success. A previous review of Seal’s “Thank You” can be found in the archives section of the website.


[audio:|titles=I’am your man|artists=Seal]

Lead & Backing Vocals: Seal
Keyboards: David Foster
Organ, Drum Programming & Sound Design: Jochem van der Saag Horns: Stylus Horns
Produced & Arranged by David Foster Co-Produced by Jochem van der Saag


Rely on me to supply
Your needs from now on Shelter you and be
A pillow to lean on
For in your eyes, I see What I was born to be
And now, now my life can begin For I am your man
Oh, yes, I am, yes, I am I’m your man
Listen, darling
There’s no sacrifice great or small I wouldn’t do
My ambition is
Bringing happiness to you
And if troubles comes our way
I’m gonna promise to stay
Right by your side
‘Cause that’s where I wanna stay
For I am your man
Oh, yes, I am, little darling Little darling, I’m your man
My childish days are through
I wanna be someone you can look up to Someone who can protect, oh Someone who you can respect
I’m just trying to make myself worthy Of the precious, precious love
I know you’ve been giving me
I want nothing more for myself Your love is greatest wealth And when you take my hand And when you take my hand You will proudly say
Oh, this is my man
Oh, yes, I am, little darling Little darling, I’m your man
Oh, ooh, ooh, baby, baby Yeah, hoo, I’m your man Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby, baby