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Written by Ned Doheny

Ned Doheny’s name is mostly known for his successful songwriting partnership with Hamish Stuart of Average White Band on hits like “A Love Of Your Own” and “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me.” Doheny also has a string of unknown but absolutely delicious albums as a recording artist in the best quality pop vein. After his 1973 self-titled debut that was devoted to acoustic country/pop clearly influenced by his close friendship with members of the Eagles, Doheny moved in the personal, fresh direction of sophisticated pop. “Hard Candy” and “Prone” were both released in the second half of the seventies and are a mix of the trademark west coast harmonies of the Eagles and America with the soul/jazz moods of his friends in Average White Band. Doheny’s acoustic guitar is the foundation of the material, played in a style close to Bill Withers or Bobby Womack. The music includes rich arrangements and performances built with smooth rhythms, guitars, keyboards plus strings and powerful horns.
Released in 1978, “Prone” is probably the best album of his whole career. The funky opener, “To Prove My Love,” sets the mood of the album. This groovin’ track is a real winner based on smoking’ drums, bass and horns, synthesizer breaks played by David Foster, plus the fabulous Bonnie Raitt on backing vocals. Foster also leaves his mark on the breezy pop ditty, “Guess Who’s Looking For Love Again,” with his acoustic piano on the frontline to beautifully underline the Latin-tinged melody. Additionally, his keys are a prominent element on the soulful ballad, “The Devil In You,” together with a lush string arrangement by Jimmie Haskell. This great record includes many other gems like “Funky Love” and “Think Like A Lover.” It was produced by the legendary Steve Cropper and features a who’s who of top session players including Jeff Porcaro, Joey Carbone, Chuck Findley and Mike Baird.


[audio:|titles=Guess who’s looking for love again|artists=Ned Doheny]

Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Ned Doheny
Keyboards: David Foster
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Electric Guitar: Steve Cropper
Bass: Dennis Parker
Percussion: Steve Forman
Background Vocals: Ned Doheny, Bryan Garofalo, Fleming Williams, Steve Cropper
Strings & Horns arranged by Jimmie Haskell
Produced by Steve Cropper


I was a fool cause I fell for you
I should have known then you were too good to be true
I went the distance but you faded away
Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone

Guess who’s looking for love again
Guess who’s looking for love

Cooling your heels at a local dive
You’re a pistol
You make the place come alive
You’d like to linger
But you’re too long away
Sometimes you feel like a souvenir

Guess who’s looking for love again
Guess who’s looking for love

You said that you would never play the part
You had your own mind
You’d never lead with your heart
You came together
But you went home alone
Sometimes you feel like you’re overdue

Guess who’s looking for love again
Guess who’s looking for love