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Written by David Foster, Mike Cotten, Anita Pointer & June Pointer

In the late seventies and early eighties, the Pointer Sisters were improving their success and crossover appeal album by album that would eventually make them one of the hottest acts in the world of pop music. Their Svengali was renowned and experienced producer Richard Perry who helped them create some very well crafted pop/R&B albums.“Black & White” was released in 1981 and went high on the charts. It was helped by the triumphant single “Slow Hand,” a top ten hit on the AC/R&B/pop charts that quickly became one of their signature songs. From the smooth pop of the opener, “Sweet Lover Man,” to the slick R&B sounds of “What A Surprise,” on to David Lasley’s sweet ballad, “Got To Find Love,” the Pointer Sisters were giving their audiences some of the best popular music for that time period.
David Foster appears on the album as co-writer and arranger of “We’re Gonna Make It,” another fine moment of this collection. The song is an up-tempo showcase for the sister’s harmonies. Foster’s percussive piano playing and synthesizers married with the frenetic vocals play a big role and give the song a different kind of new wave/pop/gospel atmosphere. Co-writer Mike Cotten, keyboardist for the Tubes, the famous band that Foster was producing during the same time, helps Foster here. Given the sophisticated sound of “Black & White,” the other musicians enlisted were obviously top session guys including Paul Jackson, John Robinson, James Newton-Howard and Nate Watts.


[audio:|titles=We’re gonna make it|artists=Pointer Sisters]

Lead Vocal: Anita & June Pointer
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster
Additional Synthesizers & Synthesizers Programming: Mike Cotten
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Drums: John Robinson
Congas: Paulinho Da Costa
Background Vocals: Anita, June & Ruth Pointer
Arranged by David Foster
Produced by Richard Perry


Got to really get it goin’
That’s the only way of knowin’
Make it worth all that we’re doin’
We must take it all the way

Followed plans that we perfected
Get results so unexpected
Learn your lessons and accept it
You will find a better way

Trust your heart
Hold onto your dreams and don’t let go
Trust your heart

It will never let you down
It will never let you down

We’re gonna make it
Yeah we’re gonna make it through

Pleasin’ yourself is better than pleasin’ someone else
It won’t be easy for you
It won’t be easy for me
Don’t stop or you will never know

We’re gonna keep on pushin’ till it all comes through
Think about what you wanna do
We’re gonna make it
Yeah we’re gonna make it through

Don’t waste your time
You got to get in line
Don’t waste your time

No one leaves here without stayin’
In this game of life we’re playin’
Got to take a lot of chances
Broken hearts and hot romance

Nothing will be here forever
What is here we can make better
Everything is for a reason
You can do it your way

(repeat chorus)

We’re gonna make it