Nov 012015

From FLY AWAY – The Songs Of David Foster
Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Steve Kipner

This week, the spotlight is again put on Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster. This fantastic tribute cd was released in 2009 by Spanish independent label Contante & Sonante. It featured a series of famous Foster co-writes revisited by Tomi Malm, the ultra-talented Finnish music-maker. Malm had the help of a long list of world-class singers and musicians from many corners of the globe. Malm breathed new life into some trademark Foster pieces including “Whatever We Imagine,” “In The Stone,” “Through The Fire,” “Jojo” and “The Colour Of My Love.” He showcased his creative genius in the refined craft of the arrangements and the deluxe level of the production.

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Mar 032013

by Tomi Malm

written by David Foster, Jay Graydon, Bill Champlin & Alan Paul

“Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster,” released in 2009, was an outstanding tribute to Foster’s unique artistry and fantastic songbook. Released by Spanish Label Contante & Sonante, it was also a showcase for the amazing talent of Finnish arranger/producer, Tomi Malm who was the mastermind behind the whole work.

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Feb 202011


written by David Foster, Steve Lukather & Fee Waybill

The beginning of 2011 saw the release of Contante & Sonante’s new project, “Highlights & Rarities.” Through the years, this Spanish independent label has built a strong following among quality music lovers.  This new endeavor is a smart way to bring things full circle.
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Mar 012009

Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

“I have just listened to the tribute album. You guys did a fantastic, incredible job. Really, it was such a treat to hear all 14 tracks in a row–some songs I had forgotten about like the Robert Lamm collaboration (When Will The World). The production was as if i was doing it myself, the singing is stellar, the time, care and love is in every moment of every piece. I don’t know how you guys did it, but you should all be very proud of your accomplishment. Continue reading »