Jun 172012


written by Peter Allen, David Foster & Carole Bayer Sager

In 2010 Sony Entertainment Japan released a compilation entitled “Jay Graydon Works.” As the title suggests, this collection is a tribute to the artistry of the legendary producer/songwriter/guitar player. It presents all the most important songs of Graydon’s career like EWF’s “After The Love Is Gone,” Al Jarreau’s “Mornin’” and George Benson’s “Turn Your Love Around.” David Foster co-wrote many of Graydon’s gems and their timeless collaborations are the bulk of “Jay Graydon Works.”

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Jul 052009

Written by Bill Champlin & Alan Thicke

Bill Champlin’s solo works have always been packed with great music. His 1982 single, “Sara,” off his “Runaway” album is a sweet ballad that was perfectly suited for Pop/Adult Contemporary radios. “Sara” was co-written by Champlin with actor/TV host/singer Alan Thicke and perfectly produced by David Foster. Continue reading »

Jun 072009

Written by Steve Lukather & Jeffrey Porcaro

Ryo Okumoto is a versatile and talented Japanese keyboardist. In 1980 Okumoto recorded “Makin’ Rock,” an album that showcases an elegant jazz/fusion enhanced by some progressive nuances especially in the leader’s keyboard playing. Joining Okumoto on the project were Jay Graydon, David Foster and Toto members Steve Lukather and David Hungate and the late Jeff Porcaro. Continue reading »

Feb 082009

Written by David Foster & Anahi Van Zemveghe

Danny Rivera is a veteran Puerto Rican singer/songwriter also well known for his political activism. In 1983, Rivera released an album produced by Humberto Gatica and Erich Bulling. Both originally from central America and eventually relocated in California, Gatica and Bulling were quite active working with latin and brazilian artists like Simone, Djavan, Luis Miguel, Julio Iglesias and several others. Continue reading »

Sep 092007


Written by David Foster, Fee Waybill, Steve Lukather & Richard Marx

Since their inception in the ’70s, the Tubes were always one of the most inventive and original live rock shows. They consistantly matched tight musicianship with the theatrical side of their histrionic frontman, Fee Waybill. In 2001, an incarnation of the band with original members Waybill, Roger Steen, Prairie Prince and Rick Anderson released a very good live album entitled, “Tubes World Tour 2001.” Continue reading »

Jun 252006

From 9 1/2
Written by David Foster & Randy Goodrum

Japanese singer and actress Naoko Kawai released a couple of records in the first half of the eighties with the help of David Foster and the L.A. top session circle. We have already reviewed “Daydream Coast,” a good pop album that included duets with Chicago’s main man, Peter Cetera, and Foster himself in an occasional and very good vocal performance. Continue reading »

Jul 032005

From U.S.J.
Written by Jay Graydon & Richard Page

Char is Japan’s most talented guitarist with a career that spans four decades. In 1981 he recorded an album entitled “U.S.J,” produced by Toto’s legendary guitarist, Steve Lukather. Recorded in L.A., it’s a showcase of Char’s talent linked with the super session sounds of that era. Continue reading »