Mar 202016


Written by David Foster, Paul Stallworth, Jim Keltner & Danny Kortchmar

David Foster’s stint with Skylark brought him from Canada to LA at the dawn of the Seventies. The rock/R&B combo, Attitudes, was Foster’s second band after his time with Skylark. Foster with fellow band-mates Danny Kortchmar who played guitar and sung vocals, Paul Stallworth who played bass and also sung vocals and Jim Keltner who played the drums were all red-hot commodities in the session arena. They got together around 1975 under the late, great George Harrison’s wing.

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Aug 122012


written by John Lennon

The late Keith Moon was the incredible drummer of the legendary UK rock band, The Who. Moon, with his partners, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and Roger Entwistle, brought on the charts timeless rock anthems like “My Generation,” “The Kids Are Alright,” “I Can’t Explain,” “Baba O’Riley” and “Who Are You.” The Who were also famous for their explosive live shows and for releasing, in 1969, the first rock opera, the extraordinary “Tommy” that will become a movie in 1975 directed by Ken Russell and starring Daltrey alongside Elton John and Tina Turner.

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Jun 082008

Written by Paul Stallworth

In 1977, the group Attitudes prepared its sophomore effort eventually entitled “Good News.” This new record by session masters David Foster, Jim Keltner, Danny Kortchmar and Paul Stallworth was again released on George Harrison’s Dark Horse label. “Good News,” produced by Jay Lewis with the band, is pretty superior to their 1976 self titled debut with richer musical textures and better funky/pop compositions. Continue reading »