Mar 082015


Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

For over twenty years, Nita Whitaker has been a fixture on many David Foster projects. This talented pop/r&b songstress began her career in the second half of the eighties with an appearance on the popular TV show Star Search. Winning the talent show and the subsequent grand championship, Whitaker was soon noticed by Foster and she flourished under his expert wing. In the early nineties, Whitaker worked with the Canadian Hitmaker as part of the vocal group Millennium which included the late, unforgettable Warren Wiebe, Wil Wheaton, Joey Diggs and Suzette Charles.

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Sep 102006

From SINCERELY…..Mariya Takeuchi Songbook II
Written by Mariya Takeuchi

In Japan it is quite common to acknowledge the works of popular music stars by organizing tributes albums comprised of famous American singers. This type of project, usually recorded in Los Angeles, includes covers of major Japanese hits with new English lyrics. Continue reading »