May 242015

Written by Ned Doheny

Edward ‘Ned’ Doheny is a gifted singer/songwriter with an irresistible, blue-eyed soul music vein. In the seventies, Doheny wrote or co-wrote some absolute gems released on a couple of influential albums called Hard Candy and Prone. These pivotal songs included “A Love Of Your Own,” “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me” and “Get It Up For Love.” Both Hard Candy and Prone were produced by the legendary Steve Cropper and his touches to the elegant, catchy material plus the deluxe value of the musicianship were on the same wavelength as Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees.

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Sep 042011


written by Herbie Hancock, David Foster, Jay Graydon & Bill Champlin

Viktoria Tolstoy is a very talented Swedish jazz vocalist. She recently released an album entitled “Letters To Herbie” that’s a tribute to the artistry of jazz giant Herbie Hancock. Tolstoy and her producer Nils Landgren, a trombonist and singer extraordinaire, have assembled some of the brighter gems from Hancock’s amazing songbook. Continue reading »

Aug 282011

from TO PROVE MY LOVE  (single)

written by Ned Doheny

In the Seventies, Ned Doheny was one of those rare and magnificent singers/songwriters who beautifully mixed the country/pop atmospheres of Jackson Browne and The Eagles with the funky/soul of Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, enhanced with jazzy arrangements and top notch performances. Unfortunately, Doheny’s elegant music style went largely unnoticed in those days. Continue reading »

Jul 092006

Written by Ned Doheny

Ned Doheny’s name is mostly known for his successful songwriting partnership with Hamish Stuart of Average White Band on hits like “A Love Of Your Own” and “Whatcha Gonna Do For Me.” Doheny also has a string of unknown but absolutely delicious albums as a recording artist in the best quality pop vein. After his 1973 self-titled debut that was devoted to acoustic country/pop clearly influenced by his close friendship with members of the Eagles, Doheny moved in the personal, fresh direction of sophisticated pop. Continue reading »

Oct 312004

Written by Ned Doheny & Hamish Stuart

Ned Doheny is a gifted singer/songwriter. In the second half of the seventies he developed a unique sound that mixed the acoustic melodies of Jackson Browne and James Taylor with the black rhythms of labels like Motown and Stax. “Hard Candy,” released in 1976, was his second album and his first collaboration with Steve Cropper. Continue reading »