Jun 282020

from An Old Flame
Written by Diane Warren

Miki Howard was a talented soul/R&B singer who started her career in 1980 as lead vocalist for the popular R&B group, Side Effect. Together they released three good albums as a group before Howard went solo. Howard eventually delivered a string of R&B hits between the late eighties and early nineties including “Come Share My Love,” “Ain’t Nuthin’ In The World” and “Ain’t Nobody Like You.” Howard successfully ventured into the jazz repertoire portraying the late, great Billie Holiday (1915-1959) in Spike Lee’s 1992 Malcolm X  movie. 

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Aug 162015

Written by Duke Ellington, Eddie DeLange & Irving Mills

In 1992, famous R&B songstress Miki Howard portrayed the legendary Billie Holiday in Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X. She performed the late jazz singer’s classic “I Cover The Waterfront” and covered Holliday’s “Good Morning Heartache” on her Femme Fatale cd. Apparently, her performances didn’t go unnoticed. A year later she went into the studio and recorded an entire cd of Holliday’s trademark tunes. The recordings were supervised by the renown team of David Foster and LeMel Humes and Miki Sings Billie was released on December 1993.

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Jan 062008

Written by David Foster, Michael Kamen & Linda Thompson

David Foster and the late soundtrack maestro Michael Kamen composed the epic ballad “Shining Through” with lyrics by Linda Thompson. The song was beautifully sung by R&B diva Miki Howard on her 1992 album, “Femme Fatale.” Foster also produced the song, creating his customary classy sounds to enhance the grand, gospel-tinged arrangement that served the singer particularly well. Continue reading »

Apr 032005

Written by Jack Wolf, Joel Herron & Frank Sinatra

If you are among the many fans of Michael Bublè and all those David Foster grand productions, you should check out this fine record by Miki Howard, released in 1993, produced by Foster and LeMel Humes. Continue reading »