Sep 032017

from THE WIZ

written by Charlie Smalls



The Wiz was the 1978 film adaptation directed by Sidney Lumet of the successful 1975 Broadway musical of the same name. The musical was a modernized reworking of The Wizard Of Oz in an urban, Afro-American setting. Quincy Jones was in charge of the film’s soundtrack that was nominated for an Academy Award.

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Jun 122011

from SMILE/IS IT SCARY (single)

Music by Charlie Chaplin Lyrics by John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons

Michael Jackson’s gorgeous rendition of  “Smile” was intended to be the final single off his 1995 “HIStory” album, but it was removed a few days prior to its release. The few copies of the single that are available today come from countries where the promotion started before the label decided to delete it. Continue reading »

Jan 112009

Written by Michael Jackson

David Foster first collaborations with Michael Jackson happened on two of the megastar’s bestsellers, “Off The Wall” and “Thriller.” On those records, the Canadian music-maker added his talent as songwriter/arranger/musician on “The Girl Is Mine” and “It’s The Falling In Love.” Continue reading »

Oct 012006

Written by Michael Jackson

At the initial stage of his career, David Foster was a fixture on all the most important records produced by the legendary Quincy Jones. Whether it was utilizing his arranging skills, tasteful playing of several instruments or songwriting genius, Jones always knew he could count on Foster’s unique talent to enhance and inspire. Continue reading »

Feb 192006

Written by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and David Foster go way back. First, the self-proclaimed “king of pop” sang Foster’s “It’s The Falling In Love” on his 1978 “Off The Wall” album. A few years later the Canadian wizard arranged and played “The Girl Is Mine” on Jackson’s mega-seller “Thriller.” In 1995 Jackson was trying to resurrect his career after maintaining a musical low profile while trying to rebuild his image from all the controversy surrounding his personal life. Continue reading »