Feb 072016


Written by Allee Willis & Jon Lind

“Boogie Wonderland” was the first single released from Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1979 album, I AM. Co-written by up ’n’ coming songwriters Allee Willis, who already co-wrote EWF’s smash “September,” and Jon Lind, who was responsible for American jazz pianist and composer Ramsey Lewis’ “Sun Goddess,” “Boogie Wonderland” was Earth, Wind & Fire’s first stride into the disco field. The result was commercially and artistically astounding. The song became an out-of-the-box hit by reaching the top ten on both sides of the pond which paved the way to the double platinum triumph of I AM. On this spirited anthem, the band kept their trademark lush orchestrations and smart chord progression that were above the average disco stuff heard on radios in those days. The fantastic vocals by Maurice White and Philip Bailey with a noteworthy support from female R&B group The Emotions were a total knock-out as were Willis’ personal lyrics. The backing track of the tune was smoking hot with guest David Foster who co-wrote the bulk of I AM with White and Willis plus being right on target with his rhythmic acoustic piano playing.

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Jul 122015

From I AM
Written by Maurice White & David Foster

The Song of the Week again focuses on the milestone collaboration between Maurice White and David Foster that resulted in the now-classic 1979 album I Am. The young, gifted Foster added a fresh approach to Earth Wind & Fire’s trademark funk/soul musical universe. I Am offers some unforgettable hits including “After The Love Is Gone,” “In The Stone” and “Boogie Wonderland.” The entire recording was a powerful celebration of White’s superior genius enhanced by Foster’s innovative pop mind.

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Jan 192014


written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Bill Champlin

This week is all about “After The Love Has Gone,” one of the brighter gems in the David Foster repertoire. This magnificent ballad was co-written with Jay Graydon and Bill Champlin and was performed by legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire on their July 1979album “I Am.” The genesis of the song is very interesting and was told by Foster in his bio:

“…One day I got a call from Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, and I went to talk to him about Jaye P. Morgan’s

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Jun 162013


written by David Foster & Peter Cetera

“Hard To Say I’m Sorry” is without a doubt one of the milestones of David Foster’s career. This ballad, co-written by the Canadian music-maker with Peter Cetera, started Chicago’s amazing comeback story of the Eighties. It is the epitome of that era’s adult contemporary ballad with its amazing melody, perfect vocals, layered synths and powerful guitars wrapped up by Foster’s high-tech production. In 1982, the song went #1 for two weeks in the US and eventually became an international hit.

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Jun 092013


written by John Williams & Cynthia Weil

“A.I. Artificial Intelligence” is a 2001 film directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law. It was another box office hit for the extraordinary movie maker. The soundtrack was written by frequent Spielberg collaborator, the legendary John Williams. A five-time Academy Awards winner with an outstanding 48 nominations, Williams also has 21 Grammy Awards out of 59 nominations under his belt. The composer is also the father of Toto’s lead singer Joseph Williams.

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Jun 022013


written by Maurice White, David Foster, Brian Fairweather & Martin Page

Earth, Wind & Fire released “Electric Universe” in 1983. In their attempt to modernize their sound, they drastically changed it. The R&B super-group got rid of their trademark strings and horns with classic funk/soul grooves in favour of heavily programmed music dominated by synthesizers and programmed drums. Probably Maurice White heard the influence of the growing wave in black music: people like Prince, Cameo and Herbie Hancock who were storming the charts with their kind of techno/funk sound. From a productive point of view, the final result isn’t too far from the Al Jarreau album “High Crime” that presented the same programmed atmospheres.

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Mar 242013

from YOU/SHARE YOUR LOVE (single edit)

written by Maurice White, David Foster & Brenda Russell

The autumn of 1980 saw the release of “You” the second single from Earth, Wind & Fire’s extraordinary double album, “Faces.” “You” is an amazing soul/pop ballad co-written by Maurice White with David Foster and lyrics written by singer/songwriter Brenda Russell. This elegant song was evidently conceived as a follow-up to EWF’s milestone hit, “After The Love Is Gone” from their previous album, “I Am.”

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