Aug 132006

From RIT 2 (Jap. Vinyl Edition)
Written by Lee Ritenour & Eric Tagg

Legendary jazz/fusion guitarist Lee Ritenour released a few-oriented albums, “Rit” in 1981, “Rit 2” in 1982 plus “Banded Together” in 1984. All these records were absolute treats for quality pop lovers. One song, “Is It You” from “Rit,” reached the top 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Rit 2” maintains the same ingredients as its predecessor, a well-dosed mix of elegant pop/soul moments with a strong jazzy flavor and a couple of classy instrumentals. Continue reading »

Apr 102005

Written by Eric Tagg

Eric Tagg is one of the most gifted and talented performers to ever walk into a recording studio. Given his skills as a songwriter, his excellent phrasing and smooth voice, he should be right up there with people like Daryl Hall, Michael McDonald or Luther Vandross. Continue reading »

Nov 092003

Written by Lee Ritenour, Martin Page & Maurice White

Lee Ritenour says it well on the liner notes of this 1986 release: “If I’m Dreamin’ (Don’t Wake Me) started out as instrumental, but when David Foster added his part to the chorus and contributed the bass and keyboard parts, suddenly i had a new baby!” That says a lot about Foster’s ability to arrange a song and put his personal touch on it. Continue reading »