Sep 222019

from SOUL
Written by Deniece Williams, Hank Redd, Nathan Watts, Susaye Greene

“Free” was a soul/R&B evergreen originally included in Deniece Williams’ 1976 album, This Is Niecy. Ms. Williams co-wrote the song with fellow Stevie Wonder “Wonderlove” alumni Hank Redd, Nathan Watts and Susaye Green. This enchanting smooth jam was produced by two geniuses; the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire (1941-2016) and arranger extraordinaire Charles Stepney (1931-1976). Their unique musicality gave Ms. Williams the perfect landscape to let her four-octave voice shine and together they created a true work of art. Sadly, Stepney died just a few months before the release of This Is Niecy. “Free” was released as a single in March 1976, reached #2 on the US R&B chart and #25 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Almost two years later, “Free” went to #1 in the UK.

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Dec 232018

Written by Lou Baxter & Johnny Moore

“Merry Christmas, Baby” was a soul/r&b holiday standard supposedly written around 1947 by the late pianist and singer Charles Brown (1922-1999). Brown was a member of Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers who recorded the original version of the song. Eventually it was Johnny Moore (1906-1969), not Brown for unexplained reasons, who was credited for writing “Merry Christmas, Baby” with fellow songwriter Lou Baxter.

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Nov 112018

Written by Diane Warren, David Draiman & Dan Donegan

Disturbed is a successful, American nu-metal/alternative rock band.  The Chicagoan quartet, fronted by lead vocalist David Draiman, has amassed an impressive string of five consecutive #1 albums on Billboard’s Top 200. October 2018 saw the release of the band’s new cd, Evolution.

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Aug 122018

from I AM YOUR MAN (single)
Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

In the fall of 2009, UK superstar Seal released “I Am Your Man,” the new single from his “best of” collection aptly titled Hits. After the multi-platinum success of Soul in 2008, Seal again collaborated with David Foster on this new track that was one more cover of a soul tune from the sixties.

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May 202018

Written Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti’s third cd, East Of Angel Town, was produced by David Foster, Humberto Gatica and Jochem van der Saag. The cd was an artistic success thanks to the clever blend of different music styles including jazz, blues, funk and rock. East Of Angel Town was released in Europe in the fall of 2007.

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Oct 152017

written by Willie Nelson

“Crazy” is an evergreen that belongs in the songbook of country legend Willie Nelson. Nelson wrote “Crazy” in early ’61 when the future superstar was just a 28 year old songwriter based in Nashville .

That same year, another country superstar, the late Patsy Cline (September 8, 1932 to March 5, 1963), recorded “Crazy” and scored a big hit with that beautiful ballad which attracted both pop and country lovers. Ms. Cline’s definitive rendition of the song reached #2 on the Country chart, #2 on the Easy Listening chart and #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100. With an unique blend of jazz, country and pop plus the power of its gorgeous and complex melody, “Crazy” quickly became a standard covered by dozens of stars including Linda Ronstadt, Neil Young, Julio Iglesias, LeeAnn Rimes and Diana Krall.

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Jul 162017


written by Mike Reid & Allen Shamblin

Out February 4, 2014, Unconditional Love was the sixth cd release by American Idol alumni and superb r&b singer, Ruben Studdard. Studdard’s mentor, David Foster, signed him to Verve and oversaw the whole project, producing and playing on selected tracks. Unconditional Love was a meticulously crafted cd in the most noble r&b tradition. This recording was chocked-full of intimate ballads and glorious danceable numbers, all sporting an irresistible, old-school feel that echoed the legendary works of the late Luther Vandross (April 20, 1951 to July 1, 2005).

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