Oct 092016

from LOVE IS ALIVE (single)
Written by Gary Wright

Released in July 1975, “Love Is Alive” was the first single from Gary Wright’s seminal album, The Dream Weaver. Although very interesting musically and fueled with a catchy melody, the song and album didn’t immediately click with American audiences so Wright and his record company, Warner Brothers, decided to go with the title-track as the second single.
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Nov 052006

Written by Gary Wright

There is an interesting tale about how “Dream Weaver” was included at the last minute on Gary Wright’s album of the same name. A ballot was created with another composition, “Empty Inside,” and it was David Foster’s decisive vote that included it on the album. If that’s the truth, Wright should thank Foster’s ear because “Dream Weaver,” a profound song about spiritual matters, became a Billboard #2 smash at the beginning of 1976. Continue reading »