Mar 312013


written by Eric Benet, Dean Parks & Danny Peck

Eric Benet’s “Hurricane” is the third album by the talented R&B singer/songwriter. Released in June 2005, it presented in its tracklist a handful of refined songs produced by David Foster and Humberto Gatica. Those tunes were recorded a couple of years earlier and, compared to Benet’s previous, modern R&B efforts, show a different side of the singer, more intimate and acoustic.

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May 132012


written by Chris Botti, David Foster & Tiziano Ferro

After their successful collaboration on the title track of Botti’s last album “Italia,” Chris Botti and David Foster co-wrote another stunning piece for the trumpeter’s newly-released record “Impressions.” “Per Te (For You)”  is the new, beautiful song and. like on “Italia,” the magnificent voice of Andrea Bocelli sings the romantic lyrics written by Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro.

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Jan 252009

Written by David Foster, Chris Botti & Lorenzo Cherubini

Chris Botti is probably the hottest names in contemporary jazz today. This talented American trumpet player/composer started his career in the late eighties as studio musician and eventually had his shot to fame, ten years later, when he joined Sting’s band. Continue reading »