May 132018

Written by David Foster & Ray Kennedy. Additional lyrics by Bill Champlin

“Tonight Tonight” was a soulful ballad sung by the legendary Bill Champlin on his 1981 Runaway album. “Tonight Tonight” was based on a composition titled “My Everlasting Love” co-written one year earlier by David Foster and singer/songwriter Ray Kennedy who recorded the song on his self-titled album.

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Oct 292017

Written by Alan Gorrie

“Keepin’ It To Myself” was an ear-candy mid-tempo originally included on Average White Band’s 1974 self-titled sophomore album. That seminal recording was also known as the group’s “white album” due to the color of its cover. Average White Band included a classic instrumental hit, “Pick Up The Pieces,” and was the album that launched the Scottish funkster’s career to worldwide fame.

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Jun 182017


written by David Foster & Bill Champlin

William Bradford Champlin, better known as Bill Champlin, is an extraordinary singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Oakland , California . Champlin is a frequent name on this webpage for his long and successful partnership with David Foster and he has been the subject of many past reviews. Foster produced the singer’s first and second solo albums respectively titled Single and Runaway.

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Jan 012017

from THICKE OF THE NIGHT (single)
Written by David Foster & Alan Thicke

This week is dedicated to the late Alan Thicke (born March 1, 1947 in Kirkland Lake, Canada ,died December 13, 2016 at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center , Burbank , CA ). The multi-talented actor, singer/songwriter and composer died a couple of weeks ago of heart failure. Thicke’s most famous role was as Jason Seaver in the successful TV sitcom Growing Pains that ran between 1985 and 1992.

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Jul 242016

Written by Tom Kelly & Kerry Hatch

It’s plain and simple: Bill Champlin’s 1981 album Runaway is a quality pop masterpiece. Superbly crafted by the legendary, Oakland-born singer/songwriter with the fundamental help of the supremely gifted David Foster, Runaway is a joy for the trained ears of the most refined music lovers with its eclectic mix of rock, pop and soul. Go to the archives to read about delicious musical gems like “Satisfaction,” “The Fool Is All Alone” or “Sara.” From one track to the other, the listener is taken to precious smooth ballads and high-tech pop/rockers that rival the best material of Toto, Earth, Wind & Fire, Boz Scaggs or Kenny Loggins.
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Sep 202015

Written by Bill Champlin

“Yo Mama” was a smoking, funk jam written by legendary Bill Champlin for his first solo album, Single. Released in 1978 and produced by a young but already gifted David Foster, Single was a sophisticated pop/R&B affair that was pretty close to the blue-eyed territories of Boz Scaggs’ 1976 seminal Silk Degrees. “Yo Mama,” with its rock-solid groove and muscular arrangement, was one of the highlights on Champlin’s album. This R&B mid-tempo sports a soulful atmosphere and a catchy, energetic refrain reflective of the glorious sounds of Sons Of Champlin and other big acts like The Commodores or Tower Of Power .

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Jan 252015


Written by Bill Champlin & Richard Page

The years between the late seventies and early eighties often saw David Foster embedding dynamic and punchy horn arrangements into his productions. The Canadian Hitmaker’s close collaboration with arranger supreme Jerry Hey brought to life fantastic horn charts that can be appreciated on legendary recordings by Bill Champlin, Peter Allen, Boz Scaggs, Deniece Williams, Airplay, The Tubes and Average White Band. This week’s spotlight is put on “Satisfaction,” an irresistible, up-tempo jam that opened the second side of Champlin’s 1981 album “Runaway.”

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