Dec 282003

From I AM
Written by Maurice White, David Foster & Allee Willis

“I Am was like our Abbey Road. It really scored pop” (Verdine White). “I think of it as a milestone album, whole careers came out of it. It was like, ‘listen to I Am and see what you can steal’. All the pieces came together” (Maurice White). Continue reading »

Dec 212003

Written by David Foster & Kenny Loggins

Through the years David Foster has written some beautiful Christmas songs like “Grown Up Christmas List” covered more than a dozen times by artists like Amy Grant, Natalie Cole, Barbra Streisand and Monica or “This Time Next Year” sung by Toni Braxton and Shola Ama. Continue reading »

Dec 142003

Written by Lisa Dalbello & Roy Kenner

Lisa Dalbello was just seventeen years old when, in 1977, she recorded her first album in L.A., with fellow Canadian David Foster in the control booth. This interesting mixture of funky and pop wasn’t only Dalbello’s debut record but also one of Foster’s first productions as well, both very young and rich of talent. Continue reading »