Jan 272019

Written by Albert Hammond & Carole Bayer Sager

In the fall of 1997, French/Canadian songbird Celine Dion was the world’s biggest pop star at the time of the release of her cd, Let’s Talk About Love. Let’s Talk About Love included the iconic “My Heart Will Go On,” the now-classic theme of the blockbuster movie Titanic, and high profile duets with Barbra Streisand on “Tell Him,” the late, Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007) on “I Hate You Then I Love You” and The Bee Gees on “Immortality.” Continue reading »

Jan 132019

Written by Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager & Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond’s career was one of the longest and most successful in modern pop music. Between the late seventies and the early eighties, Diamond reigned as the king of American adult pop. During that timeframe, Diamond scored an astounding string of hits with adult contemporary staples like his duet of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” with Barbra Streisand, “September Morn,” “Love On The Rocks” and “Heartlight.”

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