Jul 302017

from OUR LOVE/ROOF GARDEN (single)

written by Al Jarreau, Tom Canning & Jay Graydon


Al Jarreau was a rare talent. Mr. Jarreau’s (March 12, 1940 to February 12, 2017) 1981 masterpiece, Breakin’ Away, was produced by Jay Graydon and set the benchmark of excellence for the LA sound of those years. The late vocal legend with Graydon, his frequent collaborator, Tom Canning and an A-list team of players and engineers created an innovative musical architecture that fused Jarreau’s jazz roots with sophisticated soul sounds.

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Jul 232017


written by David Foster

Summer of 1988 witnessed the release of Stealing Home starring Mark Harmon and Jodie Foster. Although this movie wasn’t a box office hit, it did gain a good number of sales after the video release a few years later. Stealing Home became David Foster’s third movie score after the solid success of both St. Elmo’s Fire in 1985 and The Secret Of My Success in 1987. Foster’s instrumental compositions on Stealing Home carried his renown touching melodies spiced up by impeccable orchestral executions. The meticulous craft of the arrangements was based on Foster’s keyboard-driven sounds with various synths and drum programming that musically defined the Hitman’s productions in the second half of the eighties.

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Jul 162017


written by Mike Reid & Allen Shamblin

Out February 4, 2014, Unconditional Love was the sixth cd release by American Idol alumni and superb r&b singer, Ruben Studdard. Studdard’s mentor, David Foster, signed him to Verve and oversaw the whole project, producing and playing on selected tracks. Unconditional Love was a meticulously crafted cd in the most noble r&b tradition. This recording was chocked-full of intimate ballads and glorious danceable numbers, all sporting an irresistible, old-school feel that echoed the legendary works of the late Luther Vandross (April 20, 1951 to July 1, 2005).

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Jul 092017


written by David Foster & Brian McKnight

Jordan Hill’s 1996 ballad, “Until The End Of Time,” is the only writing collaboration between David Foster and r&b star Brian McKnight to make it on record. These two gifted music-makers have crossed paths in concert and the recording studio. McKnight claims fame for big hits like “Back At One,” “Love Is” (with Vanessa Williams) and “One Last Cry.” McKnight has always mentioned Foster as a mentor and inspiration as well as being a fixture on the Hitman’s famous Foster & Friends touring franchise.

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Jul 022017

from SHINE

written by Hamish Stuart & Ned Doheny

Hamish Stuart, the former member of the Average White Band, and famed singer/songwriter Ned Doheny co-wrote a couple of songs together for the Scottish funksters that went on to become soul/r&b classics. Their first hit collaboration was “A Love Of Your Own,” a charming soul ballad included on Average White Band’s 1976 seminal Soul Searching album that reached #35 on the R&B Singles chart in 1977.

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