May 272012

from AIRPLAY-30th Anniversary Special Edition

written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Steve Kipner

This week we go back once again to one of the seminal albums of David Foster’s career, the magnificent “Airplay.” That group was the brainchild of Foster and Jay Graydon. The self titled album was released in 1980 and is considered the musical manifest of quality pop. It includes Airplay’s original idea of popular music with rock overtones, jazzy changes and clever instrumental  arrangements. “Airplay” has been re-released a couple of times for the 25th and 30th anniversary of its release.

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May 202012


written by John Oates & Daryl Hall

Released in the fall of 1979, “X-Static” was the second Hall & Oates record produced by David Foster. Musically, this album was a drastic change from the duo’s typical blue-eyed soul material in favor of a dance/rock sound that was way ahead of its time. Let’s be clear; “X-Static” isn’t a disco record. It is a mostly danceable recording with a strong rock attitude and even some new wave flavors. Foster’s influence is stronger than on its predecessor, “Along The Red Ledge,” with his keyboards and clever arrangements complementing Hall & Oates’ inventive music.

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May 132012


written by Chris Botti, David Foster & Tiziano Ferro

After their successful collaboration on the title track of Botti’s last album “Italia,” Chris Botti and David Foster co-wrote another stunning piece for the trumpeter’s newly-released record “Impressions.” “Per Te (For You)”  is the new, beautiful song and. like on “Italia,” the magnificent voice of Andrea Bocelli sings the romantic lyrics written by Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro.

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May 062012


written by Steve Diamond & Dennis Morgan

“Let Me Let Go” is a country/pop ballad included in Faith Hill’s 1998 album “Faith.” Produced by Hill with Dann Huff, “Let Me Let Go” was also a #1 single on the Country charts in the Spring of 1999 and reached #33 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Given the song’s appeal, “Let Me Let Go” was also given to David Foster who re-recorded it adding his trademark adult contemporary flavor. He eventually included it on his soundtrack for the movie “Message In The Bottle.” Foster’s remix was also included on the international edition of the “Faith” album entitled “Love Will Always Win.”

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