Feb 282010

from RIT

written by Lee Ritenour & Eric Tagg

“No Sympathy” is a breathtaking ballad that was included on Lee Ritenour’s 1981 “Rit” album. This beautiful song was one of the highlights of the record together with the refined mid-tempo hit single, “Is It You?.”
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Feb 212010


written by David Foster & Madonna

Angelica Di Castro is a talented Italian/Canadian singer who sings fluently in both Italian and English. Her first album, “Bittersweet,” was released in 2006 and was followed in 2008 with “Beautiful Feeling” that included the songs of “Bittersweet” plus some new material.

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Feb 142010

from RUNAWAY (single)

written by Jim, Caroline, Sharon & Andrea Corr

Released in the fall of 1995, “Runaway” was the debut single by The Corrs. It was taken from their David Foster produced debut album, “Forgiven Not Forgotten.”
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Feb 072010


written by Paula Cole & Jeremy Lubbock

David Foster usually only plays keyboards on his own productions and it’s rare to find him as a guest on other performer’s records. Recently, one of those special appearances was on Paula Cole’s 2007 album “Courage.”
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