Apr 052009

Written by David Foster & Kenny Loggins

The summer of 1997 saw the release of Kenny Loggins’ new album entitled “The Unimaginable Life.” This album is a delightful musical journey into the most elegant acoustic pop/soul sound with jazzy echoes while lyrically it’s a (sappy) celebration of Loggins’ newly found love.

“The Unimaginable Life” is pretty distant from the singer’s soundtrack hits of the eighties. Instead it goes back to his smoothest stuff like “This Is It,” “What A Fool Believes” and “Heart To Heart.”  Loggins produced the album with Randy Jackson of American Idol fame, John Barnes and super-producer Walter Afanasieff. He co-wrote the material with top songwriters like Michael Ruff, Glen Ballard, Steve George of Pages, Babyface and David Foster who co-penned the title track. The vocals are absolutely top notch showcasing the whole palette of Loggins’ tenor including his languid falsetto. The dozens of pro players appearing on the album gave life to a superior musical scenario made up of refined arrangements, smooth grooves and tasteful solos. There are standout tracks like the funky, up-tempo “I Am Not Hiding,” the slow jam “Now That I Know Love” and the slick and delicious “Love’s Got Nothing To Prove.” Foster’s title track was produced by Afanasieff in the best Foster tradition. It’s the typical keyboard driven killer ballad with a memorable hook and powerful crescendo. This song can also be found on “The Essential Kenny Loggins,” a 2002 collection of all the singer’s hits.


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Lead Vocal: Kenny Loggins
Drums: John Robinson
Bass: Nathan East
Keyboards: Walter Afanasieff
Guitars: Michael Thompson & Dean Parks

Produced by Walter Afanasieff


I know we were born to be here again
In the kind of love that you die for
Somethin’ in the innocent wind’s
Been callin’ out to me
Over ‘n over
I would build a castle
upon our dreams
or leave it al behind us in ashes
Just to feel your heart in my heart
A promise and a prayer
To lead ‘n to follow
Voices that call
From an ancient dream
Remind me of a world
I’ve never known
We are the bridge
We are the fire
‘N I burn in a river of love
And now I can sing with all my heart
Oh I believe
All that I’ve seen in your eyes
An unimaginable life
Something in the way
that you say hello
Even to the sound of your heart beat
All seems so familiar to me
My soul-memory of love
Leading me homeward
Voices that call from
an ancient dream
The promise of a life
I’ve never known
We are the bridge
We are the fire
And I burn in a river of love
I know I can sing
With all my heart
Here it begins
Freedom is in your eyes
An unimaginable life
We are the bridge
We are the fire
‘N I burn in a river of love
And now I can sing with all my heart
‘N I know I can sing
With all my heart
oh I believe
darlin’ that we’ve arrived
An unimaginable life
Our unimaginable life