Mar 302008

Written by David Foster, Kenny Loggins & Arlene Matza

At the end of the Eighties, David Foster worked on several movie soundtracks including “Fresh Horses” starring Andrew McCartney and Molly Ringwald, two members of the renowned Brat Pack. The movie wasn’t a box office hit and its musical score, written by Foster in collaboration with soundtrack maestro Patrick Williams, was never released. Sad really, since it is completely enjoyable and beautifully executed. Continue reading »

Mar 232008

Written by David Foster & Dara Sedaka

Northern European audiences have traditionally shown deep affection for David Foster’s music and productions. Through the years, many of Foster’s songs have been covered there by a variety of performers including Egil Eldoen of the group Lava and Elisabeth Andreasson from Norway, Anita Meyer from the Netherlands, plus Lena Ericsson and Pernilla Wahlgren from Sweden. Continue reading »

Mar 162008

Written by Peter Cincotti

“East of Angel Town” is Peter Cincotti’s third album and the first under David Foster’s production. It was released in Europe in the fall of 2007 to very good reviews and success. Its North American release is slated for the spring of 2008. “East of Angel Town” is a radical departure from the jazz/traditional pop atmospheres of Cincotti’s first two records that lead to comparisons with the likes of Michael Bublé and Harry Connick Jr. On the new album, Cincotti and Foster went for an absolute instrumental sophistication with a modern pop approach stylized after Billy Joel with echoes of newer acts like Maroon 5 and Jamie Callum. Continue reading »

Mar 092008

Written by Lowell George

Little Feat are among the best American rock bands ever. They started recording in the early seventies and their unique mix of blues, R&B, rock with sophisticated arrangements and smart lyrics won them a huge following that lasts to this day. The band was founded by late guitarist/composer/singer Lowell George and pianist/composer Billy Payne. George was a former member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention as was Roy Estrada, Little Feat’s original bass player. Continue reading »

Mar 022008

From U.N.V.
Written by David Foster, Bill Ross & Linda Thompson

Universal Nubian Voices was an early nineties R&B quartet that followed the footsteps of famous acts like Boyz II Men and Take 6. After making some noise in the Detroit area with their first song “Something’s Goin’ On,” they were signed in 1993 by Madonna’s Maverick Records label. Initially, “Something’s Goin’ On” was released as a single nationwide and became a smash hit, reaching #29 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #3 on the R&B chart. Continue reading »