Nov 262006

Written by David Foster & Jack Blades

Roger Daltrey is an international music icon best known as the lead singer of the revolutionary UK rock group, The Who. He has fronted The Who for more than 40 years, singing immortal rock anthems like “My Generation,” “I Can See For Miles,” “I’m Free” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Continue reading »

Nov 192006

From ONE LIFE TO LIVE – The Best Of Love
Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

“I miss Warren very, very much. To me, he was probably the greatest male singer I ever had the chance to work with. Céliné, Barbra, Natalie, they all fell in love with him and his talent. There was nothing he couldn`t do vocally. I wish I had done an album with him. Now I`ll never get the chance, but I will remember him forever.” Continue reading »

Nov 122006

Written by Bruce Roberts & Junior Miles

Bruce Roberts is one of the most talented pop songwriters on the American music scene. Through the years he has co-written chart hits like “(No More Tears) Enough Is Enough” for Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer, “You’re The Only One” for Dolly Parton, “Lucky One” for Laura Branigan, “Dynamite” for Jermaine Jackson and “You’re Movin’ Out Today” for Bette Midler. Continue reading »

Nov 052006

Written by Gary Wright

There is an interesting tale about how “Dream Weaver” was included at the last minute on Gary Wright’s album of the same name. A ballot was created with another composition, “Empty Inside,” and it was David Foster’s decisive vote that included it on the album. If that’s the truth, Wright should thank Foster’s ear because “Dream Weaver,” a profound song about spiritual matters, became a Billboard #2 smash at the beginning of 1976. Continue reading »