Sep 252005

Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Graham Russell

The soundtrack for “Ghostbusters,” the 1984 summer blockbuster, quickly followed in the movie’s footsteps to become a platinum seller and reaching the Top 10 on Billboard. The title track, written and performed by Ray Parker Jr., zoomed to the top of the charts around the world and was nominated for an Academy Award. The rest of the album included a couple of orchestral themes from the movie courtesy of composer Elmer Bernstein, plus a few forgettable pop songs with only one notable exception. Air Supply’s “I Can Wait Forever” is what you might call a diamond in the rough. David Foster and Jay Graydon co-wrote it with Supply’s Graham Russell, plus they arranged and produced this touching ballad. The mood of the composition is exactly placed in that soft rock zone that the Australian duo has brought many times to the top of the charts in the course of their career. It is also inspired by the stuff that Foster was creating with Peter Cetera for Chicago during that same time period. Foster on keyboards, a soothing grand orchestra plus some guitar licks courtesy of Graydon are the main elements that underline the powerful performance of Russell Hitchcock’s tenor voice. The arrangement has all the thumbprints of the eighties’ David Foster. The song builds up on a very emotional crescendo to its refrain, continues up an elegant bridge sung by Graham Russell, and ends with an orchestral coda that comes straight from songs like “Love Me Tomorrow” or “Hard Habit To Break.”


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Vocals: Russell Hitchcock & Graham Russell
Acoustic Piano & Keyboards: David Foster
Guitars: Jay Graydon
Produced & Arranged by David Foster & Jay Graydon


When you say, I miss the things you do
I just want to get back close again to you
But for now, your voice is near enough
How I miss you and I miss your love
And though, all the days that pass me by so slow
All the emptiness inside me flows
All around and there’s no way out
I’m just thinking so much of you
There was never any doubt

I can wait forever
If you say you’ll be there too
I can wait forever if you will
I know it’s worth it all, to spend my life alone with you

When it looked as though my life was wrong
You took my love and gave it somewhere to belong
I’ll be here, when hope is out of sight
I just wish that I were next to you tonight
And though, I’ll be reaching for you even though
You’ll be somewhere else, my love will go
Like a bird on it’s way back home
I could never let you go
And I just want you to know

I can wait forever
If you say you’ll be there too
I can wait forever if you will
I know it’s worth it all, to spend my life alone with you
(repeat chorus 3 times)