Apr 242004

Written by David Foster, Maurice White & Sheila Witt

“Come Into Our World” released in 1979 saw, once again, the successful soul/R&B trio, The Emotions working under Maurice White’s guidance. “Come Into Our World” was the fourth collaboration between the female group and EWF’s maestro who gave the album the same musical tastes of EWF’s masterpieces like “I Am” and “Faces.”
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Apr 182004

Written by Danny Peck

Danny Peck’s “Heart And Soul” was one of David Foster’s first productions back in 1977, probably his third full record production after Jaye P. Morgan and The Keane Brothers the year before. Continue reading »

Apr 112004

From AZ YET feat. Peter Cetera
Written by David Foster & Peter Cetera

Az Yet is a contemporary r&b group that was born on the wake of Boyz 2 Men’s success in the nineties. They debuted in 1996 on the LaFace label with Babyface as producer and their first two singles climbed immediately the charts. Continue reading »